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Originally Posted by robix07 View Post
Yes the Led goes off after minute or two.
Tried Apacer 8GB class 2 card no luck same as Adata
Maybe this new software is bad or smth , I bought it with the software that removed time and date.
How can I reset to Old software?
Maybe I will help me?
Too bad

That leaves the battery....

Unfortunately, it is not possible to tell which firmware version is installed in these cameras without soldering skills and a chip programmer.

Likewise, it is not possible to downgrade the firmware to an older version that the boot loader doesn't recognize. It's all to do with memory allocation.... I don't know which version you have installed but you can try installing different versions linked in post #2. Old versions here, New version here. They might work, they might not.

FWIW, and very technical, you cannot install an "old" boot loader over a new boot loader. This can only be done using an external programmer. The boot loader is responsible for updating the firmware. In the past I have experimented with various boot loaders and have found that if you try to install an incompatible firmware, it is ignored. I don't remember if I bricked a camera, but I don't think so. I always took a dump of the SPI so I could recover the contents if things went wrong. The boot loader occupies the first 16KB of the SPI dump, the rest is the firmware code.
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