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Find my codes here: (valid until September 10, 2012)

GT450PRO Plastic Anti-Rotation Bracket Save US$: 0.42

GT450PRO Skid Pipe Save US$: 0.58

GT450PRO Tail Boom Save US$: 0.25

GT450PRO Feathering Shaft (51x4mm) 2pcs Save US$: 0.80

HK450GT PRO Head Block w/Blade Grips Complete Save US$: 0.67

GT450PRO Tail Boom Holder Assembly Set (Torque Tube Version) Save US$: 1.72

Beech wood 18x8 propeller Save US$: 2.23

325mm Fiber Glass Main Blades Save US$: 0.45

Turnigy 3D Gas Wood Popeller 18x8 Save US$: 0.44

Hobbyking Self Adhesive Centre of Gravity Marker (3pc) Save US$: 0.49

Team Turnigy Prop Protectors (Large - 1pr) Save US$: 0.92

Team Turnigy Prop Protectors (X Large - 1pr) Save US$: 1.00

Slow-Cure 30 Min Epoxy 4.5 oz Save US$: 1.54

Nylon Spinner 1.5inch Save US$: 0.77

RC Car Height Gauge (2pcs) Save US$: 0.34

Turnigy 4mm Heat Shrink Tube - Save US$: 0.30

Turnigy 4mm Heat Shrink Tube - BLACK (1mtr) Save US$: 0.31

Cable/Wire Holder (10pc) Save US$: 0.16
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