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Originally Posted by Coomkeen View Post
It's the inertia due to mass that makes the difference.
If you imagine flying into wind, and therefore at low ground speed but normal airspeed, then making a 180 turn downwind, you now have to accelerate your mass to normal airspeed plus windspeed.
People keep assuming that inertia and kinetic energy relative to the ground means something. IT DOESN'T !!!

I can quite happily pedal around in circles riding a bicycle on the deck of an aircraft carrier doing 30 knots (with a 30kn tailwind) with my mate flying a plane over my head, while a man on land watches me go past yelling at me to pedal harder as I turn back towards the bow because to him I need accelerate to a higher speed, which I'm sure from his statonary position is what it looks like I need to do, but we all know is completely wrong.

My tyres interact with the deck of the ship to turn in constant speed circles, while the plane interacts with molecules in the body of air to fly constant airspeed circles while the man on land thinks we're both speeding up and slowing down....
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