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I have been racking up some time and flights on the Walbro equipped NGH 9cc engine. I usually get at least five flights a day on the weekends, Approximately 8 to ten minutes or so a flight. I have done 25 flights so far with the Walbro carb mod, and the engine has been working pretty well like that. I am running it to see how well the engine holds up actually being used. I had something like 15 flights on the engine before the rod let go because it ran a little too lean once on me. I had a hour of bench running before then as well. Then it got the Walbro carb modifcation done to it.

I have another plane in the works for my other NGH 9cc engine. As soon as I get it finished and setup, I'll try running my other engine using the NGH carb and pump with the larger crankcase pressure fittings and see how that goes. I am expecting it to work out pretty well too as the engine never ran that good on the test stand before. It is my physical test of my theory on why the engine was having problems in a plane. Anyway, that is what I have been up to.

I didn't do any bench running of engines this weekend as we had some rain recently and the mosquitoes didn't waste anytime at all taking advantage of it. There were swarms of the little buggers all over outside. Even in the daylight in the shade the pesky devils would go after you. We have the little tiny ankle biters that stay close to the ground in the grass. The regular annoying buzzers that fly around too. Then the big Tiger mosquitoes that will bite your through your clothing too. You can't just spray repellant on your arms and face with those big ones, as they can bite through the clothing too. Those big ones leave large welts on me, like a bee sting, but they itch like crazy instead of hurt. Plus we have people getting West Nile virus infections out here too. Fortunately our flying field is fairly far from the lake, so we don't have a lot of mosquito problems there, unless you have to go and retrieve your plane from the trees and bushes nearby. But I haven't tried night flying yet and it probably gets bad at night though.

I have rebuilt a number of engines that other people would have tossed in the trash. In the past I used to have people give me their Fox engines when they couldn't get them to work and grew frustrated with them. I would readjust the carb and use the engine in a plane for the next weekend. That was the good times as I went like ten years without having to buy any new engines to fly with. Of course if the Fox engine wasn't damaged, they tend to never wear out either. So sometimes I swap out to a different brand engine for a change of pace.

A little while back I saved a SV 17cc gas engine from the junk bin and got it working good too. I now have it on a airplane and I am flying it around too. I remember reading about when a number of people claimed they were junk, bad, no power and gutless. So you never know until to try it. I'll see how long it goes before something happens to it.

Yeah, I guess I sometimes like the challenge to get something to work. Besides it isn't like we have a lot of gasoline spark ignition engine choices to choose from in the 7.5cc to 9cc range for .40-.45 size airplanes. So it was something I was going to do anyway, if I had to convert a engine myself to do it.
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