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One Niner,

In theory, the Radian should be a tiny bit floatier. The wing loading is in the 6ish oz range, where the Calypso is in the 8oz range. However, there are Radian pilots that ballast it up to the 8-10 oz range for breezier days. I haven't yet flown a Calypso, but I believe the opportunity is near. I have flown both a standard Radian and the Radian Pro. My above comments are for the Standard. I think the Calypso should fly much better than the pro. I wasn't too impressed with my pro, but love the way the Radian flies. I also used to have a EZGlider. I think it was a bit heavier than the newer models, and didn't thermal as well in light conditions.

As far as camber, I don't think it would hurt to try, but the effects are probably minamal. I do think that spoilerons / flaperons would be worth the time to program. I set my Radian Pro up as a powered sailplane on my 9303, like my composite sailplanes. I didn't feel the results were worth all the time it took to program it. I think those thick foam trailing edges aren't effecient enough for that. I'm sure there are many foam sailplane pilots that will argue with that, but that was my impression.

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