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I DO have memories of the "ugly GREEN goop" in glow fuel tanks...

Dear Fellow RC-Goupers:

The PIPE Here...from my years in the RC hobby, I can easily remember the sights of brass-plumbed fuel tank stoppers having that "ugly GREEN goop" in them from leaving unused glow fuel in them a bit too's an outbreak of "verdigris", the usual manifestation of the same green patina (or just plain copper RUST) that appears on ANY copper-alloy public work of art, like the Statue of Liberty's actual copper sculptural cladding that give her the 3D shapes we all know about, or on the Gloucester, MA Gloucester Fisherman's Memorial. Brass and bronze can have it happen to them from their copper content in those alloys, and when one combines the hygroscopic (water-attracting) nature of methanol in our glow fuel with the usual soft brass 1/8" diameter fuel tank stopper feed-through lines...IF we leave some glow fuel in there a bit too long, presto, the green goop shows up !! Unplated brass clunk weights, or the "foamed-copper-look" clunks (to apparently help eliminate fuel foaming) can also have that happen to them, too...a plated clunk, or one from a non-copper-bearing alloy would be preferable to keep the "green goop" away as well.

I'm planning on going with STAINLESS STEEL tubing instead for future fuel line feed-throughs "through the stopper" for my return to the hobby in time...until then, I;'ve GOT to keep lookin' for a new JOB first...!

Yours Sincerely,

The PIPE....!!
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