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Originally Posted by glewis View Post
Yeah, the current track shows that storm is heading your way.
I came back early today to do my "hurricane prep". If it hits here, it will be my third hurricane in eight years. Time to retire somewhere else....maybe....but then, paradise is worth it. By the way, I served many years down your way at McDill AFB.

How thick is the Depron? Would make more sense to use ink-aid and run the foam through the inkjet.
Pete and I use 2mm as the best compromise between weight and strength. As regards printing directly on foam, there are some beautiful printed Depron builds on RCGroups (like this).

However, I've tried many times, but finally gave up after ruining a great Epson inkjet. My challenges included, among other things, getting foam thin enough (I slice my own, but it didn't have the strength I thought I needed), aligning the patterns on both sides of the foam for double sided printing, and "the bother" of going through Inkaid application and waterproofing the final product. So I don't necessarily agree that "it makes more sense to run the foam through an inkjet."

Considering the advantages (to me) of tissue-printing (waterproof, added strength, no Depron thickness limitation, ease of making round sections without creasing, etc, etc), I settled on printed tissue. I haven't given up on trying to print directly on Depron, so I donated some equipment to Pete to figure it out for me - he has more time to play than I do.

Back to Huricane Prep....

Gene K
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