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Swapped mine back to a 4s setup and lost an ounce of weight so it's down to 56 ounces. Motor is a 145 gram Infinite 3020 with a 12x6 and a lighter prop adapter than I was using and using Gens Ace 25c 2200. Pulls a tad over 700 watts with about a 90% battery. Motor came down barely warm this morning. Much better power than my 3s setup but my plane really isn't flying so great. It really wants to hunt around when I try and fly level. Elevator servo doesn't have any more gear play than usual and linkage is tight but the elevator itself I beleive may be my problem. Both sides aren't even and both are somewhat warped. It was a real handful trying to land so I kept moving the battery forward each flight and it helped some but not a lot. I've got other planes much easier to land and fly.
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