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I do use a Brison 2.4 myself, fantastic engines. You said you rebuilt the carb meaning you replaced the Diaphragm and you probably replaced it with the type that is alcohol proof. Because of the alcohol in the gas these days I got in the habit of draining my tank and running the carb dry but I have replaced mine too so it isn't really necessary to drain the tank and carb, just plug the breather. I still drain the tank.
I run YS glow engines so my tanks are a closed system, I can just remove the pressure from the tank and forget the fuel I have left. I can even pull the main line and pressure line and connect them together then run the engine dry, I have a friend that does it that way, I don't, I like to drain my tank.
You could do this with your Moki too. Moisture isn't going to get into a closed tank any more then it will in a closed can. Just connect the main line and pressure with a piece of copper tube and run the engine dry.
Thing is, draining your tanks is way too easy!! Running an engine dry is way too easy!! Why not just do it. Ever think what happens when a tank springs a leak??
I have had bungs come loose and lines decide to tear while the plane is in my shop. If I still had fuel in the tank it could get ugly, if it is a gas tank it will smell a bit too.
There are ways to do things and you don't need to drain any tank but it is just so easy to drain them, why not just do it?
Depending on where you live you can forget about dry running the engine too. Where I live the humidity is about 7% most of the year, except during the summer, it's our monsoon season right now so it is humid. Rust isn't a big problem for me but I still like to run them dry.
It's just a choice thing and I know a lot of people that don't drain there gassers, I do but only because it is easy, I really am very lazy!!!
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