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The MJX X100 - a review in parts


What's in the box?? ... or in this case what was left of it ...

OK, so what is in the box?? Or better, what was in mine?
The really badly banged up box contained the following:
  • The "actual" MJX X100 (duhhh ... anybody thought that could possibly NOT be the case???
  • The Transmitter (and I will have a few words on that on in a moment ...)
  • The battery
  • A USB charger(cable)
  • A set of replacement propellers
  • ONE manual and the warranty sheet (you might really need that btw ...)

And now hold your breath, and let's get started!
The "actual" X100:
As I mentioned, my "relationship" with this craft definitely started out on the wrong foot, with a lot of bad impressions! And unfortunately, it did not stop yet.
I took the X100 out of the box and set it on the table. Without having had THAT close a look at it yet, I felt it had the rubber pads on the "feet" - and I consider this a plus right off the bat.

Unfortunately, it did NOT stand evenly - which I definitely consider a minus. However, I thought this will be "fixed" quickly by bending the arms a little, so I did.
The arms were TOO bendable in my eyes!! - but that is due to the "frame" or however you want to call the microscopic piece of plastic that they "stick" in (so you cant blame the "bendability" on the arms after all). Plus, they seem to be metal - which again, I consider a plus ... and "oversized", ie clearly a larger dimension than for example on the UDI (so another plus)

I took off the canopy (which at first I thought is the same as the UDI, just with other colors and larger holes for the "arms", BUT it is NOT!!! Its a little smaller and higher)
Anyway, I prefer those UFO canopies quite a bit over the sadfaced Ladybug canopies of the original Ladybird and all its clones ... but that is just my personal opinion ...

Once the canopy is off, you can see the board, which does not tell me a lot (as I am electronically incredibly challenged ... ...)

What really ticked me off when I did this inspection however, was the fact that two of the 4 motors had a hair wrapped all around the motor shaft!!! Something like this just MUST NOT occur when the thing comes fresh out the box - it really indicates a lack of required and deserved caution on the part of the manufacturer ... well, or at least the dude or chick that (seemingly test flew and) packaged the craft.

Alright, so much for now for the actual craft, as I said, pre-flight the "onslaught" of bad impressions continued ...

The transmitter:
Well, that is another initially bad first impression. Cause if you consider to buy this because you think you will get a full size TX just because it looks like this on the marketing photos,

RUN!!! DON'T buy it for the TX, because the pictures are just a marketing gimmick!!! It is a TOYSIZE TX, like with all the other cheap clones !!!

However, I can - after a little more time spent with it - ease this bad impression a little (in particular after trying to FLY with the thing a bit ...)
It is actually the best of the crappy toy transmitters that I personally tried up to now ... ...
I really like the fact that the sticks are metal, not plastic and they give almost a full size feel ... well, almost ...
Some people may also not like the kind of "ratcheting" that the throttle stick does (but I guess people with a little more mechanical and electrical skills than me will fix this quickly, if they dont like it ...)
I also like the more ergonomic feel that this little (still a bit crappy) toy TX gives compared to for example the WLToys TX or the Devo4

The TX has 2 switches on the lower left:
One that says "NORM/PRO" ... I still get what that one is for ... that seems to be the D/R switch.
The other says "AILE/RUDD" and that one was a litlle more challenging. In my flight tests I learned through a bunch of immediate crashes that this is the switch that "moves" the rudder function. (First I had this switch to the left, I tried to yaw and nothing happened ... except that I crashed into a bookshelf ... ) Once I switched that one to the right position, the RUDD function was where I am used to - on the left stick
The TX has a "knob" and a button on the lower right:
The knob goes from left to right/0-100%/- to + ... and I am not yet completely sure what it is for, but I guess these percentages equal the ones on the switch on a V929 TX
The button says "FUNTION" and my guess is, it could be for flips ... did not try that yet either ...

And then, there is something that looks like a "set wheel" (and was clearly copied from the J6Pro!!! ) ... but dont worry, IT's FAKE!!! (no function whatsoever - it cannot move, nor can it be "pushed")

A rather odd (but not necessarily bad) feature about this TX is that it only needs 3 ( YES THREE!!) AA batteries!!! (Never seen this before in a TX - toy or full size)
It even has a little plastic "bridge" where you might be able to hook in a neckstrap (with a little "inventor spirit")

The battery:
Just a few words here - it is a 300mAh 15C 1S battery. (Mine came with the full 4.2V charge - which is an indication that someone probably really flew it in the factory, but of course does violate the "unwritten law" that batteries should come from the factory in "storage mode" (ie on the recommended 3.85V storage charge).
The battery has an EXACT walkera plug (also the polarity) what makes getting 3rd party batteries a lot easier (also gives access to much better stuff than 15C ...)
I weighted the battery and it came in at 8.05g on my scale. (Looks like this is a case where it is easy to supplement this battery with the 300mAh 35C nanotechs from HobbyKing ...)

The USB (charge) cable:
I will be perfectly honest, EVERY TIME I see something like this, I get a bad feeling ever since the days of killing a SymaS107 with one of these charge cables - I just cant trust them. So I will charge my battery with the stock Walkera charger from my Scorpion ... or right on the ImaxB6!

The replacement propellers:
My only observation about these is, that they seem to be a little bigger than the ones from the UDI or Ladybird (and might have just a tad more pitch, but this is probably just my imagination running wild ... ...)

THE manual!!!:

OK, this is the reason why I specifically stressed there was ONLY ONE manual (and a warranty sheet) in MY box (hopefully other buyers are more lucky than me) ...
... and this manual was ALL IN CHINESE!!!! This is another MAJOR minus in my book, because this is the reason why I crashed before I really hovered ... and why I dont have any REAL idea yet, what the knob and the FUNTION button are for ...

So overall, there where a whole lot of bad impressions already before the first flight, apart from the really banged up box! (Because the box was so banged up, the first thing I did with the TX was shake it ... and guess what? YES, I could hear sounds from the inside ... thankfully it turned out, this was just the screw that is supposed to lock the battery door - but which is essentially unnecessary, as this door already snaps shut ...

There were, HOWEVER, also a few things that I like about this craft right out of the box. The manufacturers took a few of the better ideas from other companies and combined them in one quad (the oversize arms, the rubber pads ... just to name two)
I also like the lights (even though I am usually NOT a fan of flying objects that look like a flying Christmas tree, I DO like the lights here.) There is just something I still have to set up right, as usually the WHITE LEDs indicate the front ... (it doesnt really matter with a quad usually) ...but in my case they actually indicate the back at the moment (I hope I figure out how tho change this, as my chinese is a little rusty, which promises to turn out problematic when trying to consult the CHINESE ONLY manual ... ...

Alright, so much for the pre-flight impressions (that post really got LONG enough ... flight report to follow ...)

... TO BE CONTINUED!!! ...
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