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Originally Posted by Chophop View Post
We live in an analog world, our computing is done in binary states. There are dynamic in-betweens to account for. I'll bet my life as I have in the thousands of full scale landings I have done, and was taught in flight school. Just keep the power up in a turn, especially at landing speed, 1.3X anticipated stall speed. If you build up too much speed on final, bleed it off by something in your bag of tricks.

You will probably get by with not adding power in a steep enough descending turn. There is need to get to know the airplane's tendancies.
I'm trying to learn to do that in RC. I am at the point where I can usually pick my decent speed and angle pretty well but I need to learn to sideslip on the way down to burn off excess speed. I can do it in a sim all day long but in real life its scary.
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