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You need to increase power in a level steep bank to maintain speed. This is true no matter what the wind conditions. 1.3x stall speed is a general rule of thumb for a smooth day. For gusty conditions you increase speed by half of the gust speed ie: if the wind is 10 gusting to 20 you increase your speed by 5. None of this has anything to do with wind direction. If you remember back to your training when talking about wind in reference to the pattern your focus was on when to turn and how long to hold a turn to maintain your rectangular pattern. Throttle in the pattern is to be used to control descent rate and your AOA is used to control speed. If you were taught to increase power for your turns in the pattern then they were wrong. You should not be making steep turns in the pattern and shallow turns will not cause an excess descent and is part of the descent profile.

Coomkeen as far as inertia when going from up wind to down wind there is no need to compensate. The thing about the inertia from the wind is it is only in reference to the ground. The easiest way to visualize this is in a crash. Inertia is basically kinetic energy. If you hit a tree flying up wind your impact will be your airspeed minus wind speed this equals ground speed. If you hit it down wind your impact will be airspeed plus wind speed or a greater impact. Now imagine you have a balloon floating along in the breeze it is moving at the same speed as the wind. If you hit that balloon from any direction the impact will be the same. What happened to that inertia? Your inertia due to wind is always moving down wind therefore there is no need to compensate. There will never be a need to catch up when turning down wind, and the plane will never balloon up when turning up wind (unless you add power or pull up too much in the turn.)
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