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Guardian 2D/3D upside down setup

Apologies if this has already been answered but if so I couldn't find it.
I have a Guardian 2D/3D which has been mounted upside down as shown on page 6 of the manual (fig 5 diagram 2). It had previously been mounted upright in a different airframe and worked perfectly. As expected the roll and pitch directions were wrong and had to be reversed.
Problem: I can't get the 'reset level and trim' mode toggling to work.
If I turn the model upside down the toggling works but not when it's the right way up so the radio is set up OK.
If the model is upright (Guardian inverted) the ailerons go to the full deflection - obviously the Guardian doesn't know it's inverted.
I connected it to the PC and at the software 'General' page clicked on 'Reset Neutral servo deflection' and 'Reset Level pitch/roll' that has cured the problem in that the Guardian does not instantly try a full deflection roll and seems to stabilize on the bench (i.e. it will probably work fine in the air)
However, the mode toggling from the Tx still doesn't work. All I get is a slow surface movement. (Like it's more than 25 degrees off axis) - No single or double twitch

Is this a known problem? It's obviously not a catastrophic problem but it will stop any trim changes being set at the field.

Alternatively -- what am I doing wrong? Obviously the Tx Mode and gain are set up OK and apart from being inverted, the Guardian 2D/3D is at approx zero degrees from the axes.

Heeeelp TIA

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