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Hi Guys, hope someone can help me out with an ongoing intermittent issue I have my my zyx-s and tarot pro v2. Basically the problem is that it will not turn to the right or pirouette right during forward or fast forward flight.... the nose gets to about 2pm and it will not go any further with full rudder until you pull some collective out to slow it down and then it will eventually whip around.

When I first built this heli I had an align ds420 on the tail and it has this behavior from day one which I've never experienced on my other HK450GT with zyx v1. Thinking it was the tail servo not having enough torque possibly I upgraded it to a DS520 and the problem went away...only to return later on with no mechanical change.

I've got about 8 degrees of counter pitch on the tail and the slider is moving to the max limits in HH mode as per the zyx software setup. I've replaced the tail rotor bearings and checked for binding and everything is super free and smooth. I'm certain that's it's not a mechanical issue but a zyx setup problem.

I upgraded the zyx-s to version 3.5 today and lowered the D gain on pitch roll to 10 but I didn't see any difference in flight.

I"m hoping someone here has the answer before I swap it with the non zyx-s v1 I have on my other heli to see if it solves the problem.

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