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Originally Posted by bluzjamer View Post
I bought a Bixler and was not impressed with it. should have waited for the Bixler 2.
Money better spent on something else. Didn't even come with an ESC. Cheap clevis' break two before I even flew. Control horns look crappy too. Flimsy pushrods that don't take mini clevis so when they break you need to rebend a bigger pushrod to take a better clevis. Manual is pretty poor also. Buy a Vista, much better plane for about the same total output.
When I bought mine it came with a controller. Borderline adequate but who makes 'em that are, these days! Couldn't figure why they quit including them (I'd noticed that) except that it cheapened the product. You know - the standard "eliminate $6 of expense so we can cut the price $1" type deals.

Everybody bashes the "cheap clevis & horns" -- I'm still flying all mine after a year with MANY flights - save for one horn I lost in a crash. It didn't break - it fell off the push rod walking back to the pits.

Bigger pushrod?!? The ailerons' are 21ga ASW -- clevis' common as dirt. The tail's rods are standard .032 (30-ga) music wire; micro-size clevis abound. Just use the ones with set screws. I got a bag of 10 & only wish they made 'em for larger wire!

And manual? MANUAL???!!!??? For this plane, who needs a steenkin' manual?!? RLY?

But afa Vista ~vs~ Bix .....10-million deliriously happy owners might disagree.
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