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Heng Long issues

Purchased a bulldog last week and on the second run the receiver board gave out. It ran fine on the first charge, then I charged the battery and ran it around for about 5 minutes. I started crawling up some very small low impact bumps(a soft shelled rifle case laid flat on the floor with nothing in it), as I came over the other side of the bump as soon as the tank touched the floor it stalled and the engine sound continued to run at full power with no control. I turned it off at the tank, turned the controller back on and it would not respond after that. I could not get the tank to fire back up.

Ordered the Taigen 2.4 Ghz digital transmitter and receiver + upgraded speaker in hopes that it would fix the tank. I was happy with purchasing just the tank and running gear without their janky transmitter and electronics for the 90 dollars I spent. I didnt know if this would fix it, but I figured it couldnt hurt to try. Got the stuff today and within an hour had the tank back on its tracks rippin around the neighborhood! I removed the smoker and its equipment as well, I dont see the need to have something that looks faulty to begin with in there with all the electronics. When i opened the exhaust manifolds to remove the hoses for the smoker, the hoses werent even connected to the pipes coming out of the manifold and overnight the hoses that connect to the smoker motor came off. Its not that cool of an effect for the risk involved in my opinion.

I wanted to write this post to help anyone that might be struggling with their machine. I didnt see a lot of videos or literature on the net for this kind of conversion so I figured maybe this would help someone out in the future. So anyways, the Taigen transmitter will work in Heng Long Tanks and it does replace the receiver board, the speaker, and the original control module in the tank. The new control module/receiver also has a built in fan and the unit eliminates the need for an aerial antennae. Its a sweet setup! I got mine on amazon for about 79 clams!

Pictures to come soon!
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