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Originally Posted by scotsoft View Post
You may find a simple elastic band may be exactly what you need
Originally Posted by SoloProFan View Post
Thanks, I considered that. But made a little tape cover over the battery opening, so I have to slide in the battery a little. Added benefit is that the lipo is partially shielded from the air flowing past the hull, so it should last longer when flying in colder temps.
I just completed my mod. It was only "half" done because I wan't to see the results. Not good. I yanked that crappy velcro out from the batt cavity. I replaced it with my good quality velcro I use on my 2S's. Fill the whole cavity (except the LG slot...silly). Next buy some 9.5mm shrink tube. These fit...oh so perfect. Cut to length (mine is about 1"). Attach hook side of velcro to the sleeve. Now all you have to do is change the sleeve onto the next batt after each flight. I take no credit for this mod. Just passing along a great mod. As I noted, I just finished mine and the batts are solid in place.

PS: OH,,..looky, my batteries are wearing galoshes..warm for the winter
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