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Originally Posted by jk671 View Post
Here's my test results... I didn't run it too long, but I ended up with 141A max at 3167W max... and that is with the system in the plane.
John, could you run the motor at half throttle for a minute and then punch it to full throttle and tell us the numbers. Not that this isn't a great setup but peak on a fresh battery can be misleading. Too, after that minute are you still getting the 1:1 TWR.

AUW also.... try getting on a scale and then holding it in your hand to find out how much it weighs if your small scale doesn't go high enough.
Actually I guess I could thrust test mine the same way by seeing how much lighter I get... actually that may depend on your scale. Mine gets an average and then posts a weight. So if I change it would come back with an error.

My Wemos top out at 113 amps after a minute but still do 1:1. So not sure if thats what to expect from a CS10 or if the setup is showing losses...

Question to all cause I'm stumped. Do any of you ever get a strong stutter from your setups at certain throttle ranges? Mine is enough to almost add a brake effect on the fans even though they are not programmed with brake on. Anyone read a thread or something like that? Anyone know what may be causing it or if its on the motor side or ESC? Mines low timing low PWM and the brake function is definitely not on.
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