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This sailplane has a LOT going for it, even with many outstanding competitors from eastern Europe. Firstly, those instructions are among the best I've seen: clear, detailed and without leaving guesswork. E-Flight has done its homework.
Secondly, many of us have the recommended components, or at the very least, are very familiar with those listed.

I've always had a fear of 2.4 and carbon fiber, even if the later is not that close to the receiver; the manual eases that concern by showing me where my 7010 will go, and there's lots of room so that the ESC, receiver and battery are not crammed together. With Horizon's marketing, no doubt there will be so many sold that we'll have full radio programming guides/threads for all radios and tuning suggestions for camber, reflex and's a nice transition from a Radian Pro or even a good RES.

Thirdly, the 2.9 meter size is a real sweet spot: much larger than a 2M with the price of a 2M composite. Warmliner, mild areobatics, 'sport' slope, winch and ALES give the plane a very wide target audience. And those of us raised on a diet of Aqulias, Bird of Times and Sagittas will appreciate a return to the familiar 3M size. To me it is the perfect "slemerling" size. I'm hard-pressed to think of sailplane with that wide of use envelope that won't have my hobby shop saying "what is that" or "we don't order from Europe".

Fourthly, parts/support: yes, many European kits are 1st rate quality; but waiting for a wing, or stab, or other part from Czechoslovakia has spawned many an unpleasant thread here. No doubt Horizon will order sufficient quantity and parts will be available quickly and on this continent.

Price: it's not $249 and it's not $999, but rather in the $700ish range, ready to fly. Is it worth 3 -1/2 x a Radian or 2x a Cularis? ...yes it is, and they are in different leagues anyway.

And then there's the build: even if you have balked at anything that's not BNF, it's hard to go wrong with that manual those who would like to improve their building skills a great place to start without fear of hacking up a kit or doing something wrong. Even with 35 years experience, I learned a trick or two reading through the manual.

Of course, all the above becomes moot if it doesn't handle and thermal as the videos suggest. But with reasonable wing loading, full flying stab and well-thought out design it's at least a very good sport plane, and probably a great tool for thermal duration or ALES contest work.

One suggestion for Horizon to think on: How about a (reasonably priced) wing bag and carrying case? could probably sell enough of them to get it well under $100; we want these wings protected when travelling and it's a big, nicely finished plane that will surely search out any hanger rash it can find.
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