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V8, I can't think of what could have happened to your batteries. They should have been fine really. Though of course anyone COULD wreck batteries one ay or another. I don't really remember, but I vaguely recall you mentioning things like "just a bit puffed", so that shows you are aware of things and thus I would expect you don't thrash them to death, down to to LVC etc LOL

Both in the 185-200A area capability. Though I divide by TWO to decide their 'true' ability - probably due to lower end batteries and maybe 1.5x is ok for good batteries. This 'capability' seems a useful way to get an idea of what load that battery can do with 'less' voltage sag. If you load them more, they sag notably more and get hotter... so the 'half rating' is where they are still coping well enough.
I don't know if that is good, or bad, but I rarely puff any batteries at all. At worst "Hmmm, that is pretty hot". LOL

This then means in your case, say it is 95A for these two, if you do ask more of them then they are moving into more stressful areas.
Though mine are much the same too! (174A capable = only 87A 'easy cruising' for it, LOL)

The Zippy would be a higher IR than a 'better' battery (more expensive brand, supposedly better one) so what that does is limit the current draw, and thus power, because of the balance of the combination of motor/battery impedances.
Zippy are so-so - but I like their value. But you are going to get lower performance, due to that IR. Sort of an enforced speed limiter! And thus longer flight time. hehe
And this means even more likely to be all ok in your application.

The Gen's Ace.... no idea about that brand. Sounds average really. Technically much the same capability as your Zippy was - but probably is X amount better really. (lower IR you would hope). A rough guide of quality is $. hehe.
So across your two, and even my 5800's, they are all much of a muchness really. And that could suggest they are possibly not truly up to the task of what the output power costs. If anything, I am going to fry mine courtesy of the HETs now!!

You can see the IR of my Zippy, versus JK's Nano.... creating 110A versus 140A !! So whilst mine is 'economical' (hehe), X amount of the drop is likely to also be a battery under a bit more duress. Though, as they are not getting overly hot it could truly be pure IR - higher IR only causes the impedance balance produce a situation that the motor only 'wants' that lower current amount, so it is not any cause for higher battery duress, quite the opposite really.

You almost need an in-flight logger (Amps) to see what occurs across your entire flights. For an extra clue.
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