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Originally Posted by CNY_Dave View Post
What's funny is I've been having this discussion with fairly senior people and experienced pilots, context is aircraft separation assurance maneuvers and collision avoidance maneuvers.

"If 2 planes are approaching at right angles and one is downwind and the other turns away from the downwind plane because of the wind the downwind plane is approaching faster until the turning plane can speed up'.

Shoot me, shoot me, shoot me.
This is the best part about education and training. As you move up each level you realise that what you were taught wasn't exactly true but it was close enough to the truth to keep you out of trouble.

Sticking a metal tool into either or both of the correct 2 of the 3 holes in an electrical outlet is perfectly safe even if it's switched on but you'd certainly never try to teach that to a child, just as the level of aerodynamic principles taught to pilots is enough to allow them to operate their craft safely even if some of the info is a bit dodgey and not always 100% correct.

As an Electrical Engineer I apply the simpliest level of electrical principles I can that adequately describe the systems I'm working on, even though I know full well that that's not what's REALLY going on.
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