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that's another positive thing about the sailboats. most venues are closed off to go fast boats for the most part. however these same places often invite sail boaters.

the club I belong to is a primarly a sailboating club and is listed with the AMYA. while I'm sure a lot of the guys in the club have boats other than sail? there isn't any real interest in powered or scale locally. I hope to eventually create enough interest within the club for something more official locally for the steamers and scale electrics I'm also interested in.

but sailing is great fun. and if you have a total catastrophic radio failure of a sail boat, just wait a bit and it'll come back to shore eventually. you don't need, nor really want a motor on board.
but radio sail has a thriving community most everywhere. racing or just mucking about.

the closets general interest boat club to me personaly that I know of is two hours away in Virginia Beach VA. so I hooked up with the RMYC and got into sailing and have really enjoyed it.

the club's one design boat is the Kyosho Seawind, but we also do RG65 officially and of course.. "whatever" open class sailing.. most club days are run what you brung, but the focus is, of course on RG65 and the seawind.

I'm wrapping up a little all from scratch wooden sailboat that's loosly based on the international star, and am starting construction on a RG-65 round ranger who's hull was made by breaking wind boats. that will be my main go fast racing sailboat and.. of course.. keeping an eye on the market for a seawind then after all that? Perhaps an official Star 45 all wood build and/or a gaff rigged scale model of a Chesapeake bay crabbing skiff.

all the while refitting my original Elliot bay steam launch into a scale model of the same boat after a cabin and electric drive conversion ( actually historically accurate ) and a scale model of a pre-civil war era James river Batoux canal boat.

I actually don't have much interest in go fast stuff..
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