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Originally Posted by Mike_Then View Post
When I go to Sam's club - especially on a Saturday - I have to weave a very careful path through the store to avoid DirecTV salesmen, insurance pitchmen, and Verizon representatives. They all babble about their latest offers while I run past them and avoid eye contact.

I just want to go in the store, buy my items, and be left alone.

I had to get gas yesterday. As I pulled into the station, I saw a table near the front door of the store with a banner hanging below it. There was a nicely-dressed young man behind it so I knew what that was... he was selling something. Due to the wonderful invention of pay-at-the-pump, I wouldn't have to go into the store and pay for my gas, which means I should be safe. Nevertheless, I drove to the pump farthest from him and hoped he wouldn't see me. Sure enough, as I was filling my tank, I saw him walk over to someone else at another pump island and I started nervously watching the gallon counter go up as slowly as I've ever seen it. When the tank was half-full, someone cheerfully popped out from behind the pump and immediately launched into his pitch. Damn, there's two of them. Didn't see him the first time! He explained this new fantastic product while demonstrating it on my car. He also excitedly told me it would last for 30 days AND if I bought one today, I would get another one for free!! I politely thanked him and said I'm not interested... my vehicle is lucky if it gets washed twice a year. I don't have the time or the desire to do it any more than that, if at all. He smiled and left.

I just want to pump gas, and be left alone.

It's bad enough I have to endure commecials on TV, but thanks to the wonderful invention of DVRs, that has been minimized. But it seems that I can't even watch a 2-minute news clip on a website without being bombarded by ads, commercials, etc. Even YouTube videos are getting peppered with ads.

I just want to watch a video online, and be left alone.

Is that too much to ask in the day and age? Am I wrong in wanting to go about my day and be left alone? I'm a pretty social guy, and quite outgoing at that. But I'd really like to just be left alone when performing simple daily tasks, such as pumping gas or grocery shopping.

Rant over. Just wanted to vent a bit. You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.
It bothers me as well. I just look at them and then use ASL for "I cannot hear you, sorry".

Pinky extended palm toward them - I
Shake head side to side, clench fist extend thumb from fist, place thumb on chin, bring fist away from your face knuckles facing them - cannot
Tilt head to side point to ear - hear
Point index finger at them - you
Make fist similar to the word cannot, rub fist on chest in circular motion knuckles out - sorry

Usually the person just goes away. The best thing is you don't have to make eye contact you just ignore them until they enter your line of site. Most people that aren't hearing impaired don't know ASL so the chance of a conversation happening is minimal, if it does just be rude and walk away.
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