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optimized motor/prop combo for static thrust

I would like to gather some emperical data (not calculated) of static thrust obtained at WOT. I have gathered a lot of data, but there seems to always be some missing component to really design an optimized system. The goal here is static thrust, not dynamic thrust. Any size will be useful, but I am really looking for 50+ lbs static thrust.

I will compile the data, analyze it and post it.

The data:
1. Static Thrust @ WOT (fish scale accuracy is good enough)
2. RPM when Static Thrust is measured
3. Propeller dia, pitch, # of blades, model number, brand
4. Motor being used (electric) gas data is o.k. if the engine being used has dyno info i.e. torque, power, rpm, thrust
5. Current (into ESC). If this is not possible, then run time @ WOT will help.
6. Batteries used: type of batt, i.e. lipo etc. # of cells, configuration of pack, mAh, C rating, brand.
7. ESC brand, model number, current capacity etc.
8. Actual voltage while running at WOT and no load voltage before run.
9. Any notes on temperature, failure, problems, flying (dynamic thust, feel) etc.

The most critical data above are 1-6. With out any of those, I cannot complete the analysis.

If anyone has the time, then two other data points would be great too. i.e. half throttle, and 3/4 throttle with all the data above.

If we can get a good cross section of data, this will provide a very useful data sheet for choosing and optimizing a prop/motor combo.

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