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Poking this with a sharp knife tip, compared to any epoxy I've used, this is harder. So far so good , it's feels tough. Will it hold up after I wind it with way to big a wire and have to remove it (3 times) and redo it? I'm going to find out.
Reading the label there is no indication of the chemical make up. It's made in India so I would assume it to be polyester. It dose indicate that if it gets hot enough to "decompose" that the fumes are toxic in California.
@Kenstate Thank you for the offer, that would be helpful, I have few misc parts to play with before going to a known good stator. The next step is to turn this bearing over and coat the other side to see what happens to the first side on a reheat. According to the instructions on the label additional coats can be applied. So I'm assuming that once hardened the stuff won't soften on reheat
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