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Harbor Freight Powder Coat: test 1

It would be marvelous to have access to super duty powder coat but the Harbor Freight PC is a significant improvement over nail polish, crazy glue, JB weld and hours spent applying Kapton tape.
I set my toaster oven to 400*F after twenty minutes of heating I sprinkled the powder with my finger tips. It melted right on down . A better method will be needed to evenly disperse the powder. It tended to gather in little little piles that got to about 1/32 high and then melted. Looking closely at the edges it is visible were the sprinkled powder hit the tapered edges of the test bearing. It melted right to the metal and did not run down the side of it. The directions mention .004" max thickness per coat to avoid runs and sags. Although in in this experiment it piled up and did not display a tendency to sag or run. In fact it did not flow out to level. Hence the need to create a way to sprinkle it in a uniform manner.
After cooling down I poked at it with knife and tapped on it with a little hammer, it is hard and it did stick.
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