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I've purchased a few inexpensive replacement servos from HobbyKing for testing. They are a mix of digital, analog, metal gear, and nylon gear.

These apparently came from the same factory, as they are all 'exact fit' replacements with the Art-Tech AS-100 servos that came with my Diamond 2500. The only exception is that they come with wiring that’s too short for use on the main wing without wiring modifications.

Here’s a photo showing (left to right) the HK-15178B (digital), HKSCM9-6 (digital), HK15178 (analog), and the Art-Tech AS-100 (analog)….

Taking them apart to see the gears or replace the wiring cables requires a special #000 screwdriver (Philips, PH000). In this photo, you can see the plastic and brass/steel gears.

The plastic gears look interchangeable, but the metal gears look to have different ratios. The HK15178 (analog) has what looks like it could have carbon-composite output gears, but I’m not sure that’s what they are.

I have a Turnigy Servo Tester and also a digital watt meter, so I was able to make some electrical tests. Here’s the test results…

I've updated the above table with some additional servos that I tested. Here's a photo showing the Henge MD933 next to the Art-Tech AS-100. The Henge servos are slightly taller, but the same width and thickness.

I installed four of the Henge MD933 on the main wing, and two of the Henge MD922 for the Elevator and Rudder. These are the same as what sells as HK-933MG and HK-922MG. I found that the Henge can be purchased from China on eBay for about the same price with shipping as buying from

I also upgraded all servo wiring to AWG-26. To fit the Henge servos, removed the mounting tabs by nibbling them off with a box cutter. I also widened the wing servo slot. I will provide details of these mods and the installation in a future post.
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