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Originally Posted by glewis View Post
78 Camel skins? All from ROF?
Yes, I have the game (it comes with many skins) and have also downloaded some historical skin packs from the ROF site. The included UserViewer and Skin Manager are great for previewing the skins on the airframe.

Whose airplane are you going to model? As a teaser, here's Brown's:

Very nice work on the Fokker.
Thanks - appreciate the comments.

Like the chalk idea to hide the edges.
I also use the chalk to cover any exposed Depron as on the stab or wing outlines, and it's also great for additional weathering.

What is the projected ready to fly weight?
Judging by some of Mentor Pete's finished airframes, I'd guess under 25g (only one wing, and no rigging) ... but really have no sound idea. I'll use the trusty P-51 motor, an AR6400 (or I may use some of my Hobby King Supermicro gear), a 180mah battery, and 1 servo for the ailerons.

Originally Posted by Pete
What about the cowling, how will that look?
If I can't find a suitable Yogurt container as you've done before, I'll just laminate some Depron as in Jin's Triplane or as MIT Kid did here. If I do find a suitable plastic container, I can shape the front by adding some Depron and sanding it.

Gene K
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