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Summary for those who didn't see it the last 10 times it was posted in reflash thread

This is same ol' rctimer esc with following design shortcomings:

1) No crystal. Runs off internal oscillator. Throttle range will drift with temperatures, might not start in winter without re-calibrating low-endpoint, will drift as esc heats up while running. Fail.
2) Antique P/N FET design. No one should be making these anymore. Loss of efficiency due to slower P-fet switching, more heat, etc. Costs them nothing to copy all-nfet design like F30/BlueSeries/etc.
3) No commission to simon, while still charging more than the usual 30A esc - it costs them absolutely nothing to load one or another firmware.

Now you can close this thread, as it will provide no other new information.
The ESC is same they've been selling for years, and people have been flashing them for a bout a year+ now, so there is no reason for this branded-and-not-acknowledged creation to be any different (or any less fail).
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