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Originally Posted by EarthOrbiter View Post
There is one part of a battery that has to be considered. That is the C rating.
I recently purchased a Gens Ace 60-120C 3S at 5000 Mah 12 min flight time. Compared to the 5800 Mah Turningy's 40 C that flew for 9 Min on a Quad and Ballooned after a few flights. I would suggest a higher C Rating. It might cost you double but is worth 5 times the flights with the same battery.
Is this in reference to the Skywalker? 60+C rated batteries are a totally out of spec on an aircraft such as this. These are not 3D helicopters with a 4 minute flight time and 200A bursts. They are loiterers which sip current at 1 to 15C max. My Skywalker cruises at 7.6A, which from my 3S 5000 pack is about 1.5C. Max power is about 60A, so 12C is the most it can ever pull, and that for just the briefest of moments on takeoff until about 30mph is reached. What would be the point of 60C packs when your 15C pack of the same capacity is lighter, and can therefore fly further, for longer and costs less to boot. “5 times the flitghts”? What are you talking about?
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