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Hi Saario !
Infact I had taken 13dBi yagi with for testing this, I was thinking that for such long range, there would be requirement of 13dBi Yagi but I was surprised and it was just unbelievable to see the results without Yagi.

There is clear line of sight between the two tested points. because one point is at 1865mt from sea level.

In 1991, I made a 500 mW TV transmitter made of all hand made coils, and all discrete components Transistors 2N3866. At that time I was a school boy of higher secondary level.

At the TV side, I used high gain UHF booster with high gain Yagi antenna and got clear reception from these two points only from where RFD900 is tested.


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Hi narpat007 - Wow, that is an awesome result !
From those figures you should be able to exceed 100km using 2x 6dBi yagis at each end - providing there is clear enough line of sight between them... Hmmmm, wonder who will the first to break 100km
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