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it wasn't me flying that plane
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Micro Viperjet w/ Custom Fiberglass Ducts

I have been watching this forum with great interest..I hate to use names (always miss several)but the work being done by NitroCharged and Team30(master builder/tinkerer)
PDawg(electrolyte,nuff said),BIM(wow),ChrisT and Joe Malichek(nano masters),Kevin Greene,Joe1320,Pedantic,Freddie B,danj31, and so many others,,,you guys blow me away!!!!!
I applaud you all here in this Micro forum...

I decided to start a micro Viperjet as I love the honest flight characteristics of the design...I'm trying to replicate the goods looks of this airframe to the best of my
I'm powering the jet with basic off the shelf UMX Mig components except for servos..I will post a pic when they arrive tomorrow or the following day..
I've built several pusherprop versions of this jet for 3 and 4 cells but this is the first small Viper...

Demensions are similar to the little German Ybuilt Chuck glider..Of course it is designed different to accommodate the edf unit and built from 2 and 3 mil depron..
I made plugs and did custom ducts to eek out the most performance from this tiny fan..Will also be doing a small upgrade to the fan to pick up another 20 grams of thrust or so....( thank you Nitro!!)
The ducts were 5 grams but still a little weak so i gave them a wrap of carbon and now they are solid and come in at 6 grams..not too bad...The next set I will try different layups to determine the best and lightest lay up to obtain the strength needed...The carbon tow does wonders for strength and the ultimate lightweight lay up will certainly use this product I would think..

The wings and horizontal tail surfaces are built up and include carbon for strenth....Still undecided on the vertical...
I've dropped the exhaust tube down to 25mm on the exit and not sure if this is too much for this fan unit....Comments please??
If there is interest I will do a plan set as there are not many parts and the hardest part will be skinning the airframe in 2 mil dep...I've gotten pretty good at forming dep with heat so it should not be an issue..
Hoping to have it flying over the next 10 days or so..
Will also be using the receiver/as3x system from the mig..
Comments welcome...
Take care fellas.........................Chris
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