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Originally Posted by mxcop View Post
Unreal, can everyone just let it go?? We're flying toy airplanes for fun, it's suppose to be our release and get away from the BS and stress in our life, please try to remember this...I hate coming home from a good day of flying and seeing negative stuff in the threads, it serves no purpose...

Im shocked by what happened yesterday! This thread has 5 regular posters on any given day. Questions, bragging, and on the regular a fair amount if BS.

I thought I was known for not giving a crap about brand wars... What was said as a passing "breaking of the balls" was taken as a accusation?! Now let me remind you, I made one flip comment, and then went flying.

When I got home there were people I never saw before, posting my comment over, and over, while fighting with them self! Last night, a few even decided to PM me?

People... You know what they say.. Opinions are like As.. Hol..

I'm not apologizing, because I didn't create that.. Some people need to sit back, and put them self in check.

If you don't like a post. Ignore it! If you don't like a poster, put him on your ignore list. That's what I do..
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