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Been a while since I have posted

Well lots of water has passed under the bridge since I last posted on my blog. New job, crashed 2 planes, bought several planes,,,,,, scared to fly any of them since the 2 crashes.

I flew my trainer at my house several times with not many problems. I cartwheeled it across the yard once and did a little damage to the tail. It seemed no big deal. I repaired the damage and while I was at it I replaced the reciever battery. Before the crash it was very neutral as far as COG. I left out one main step before I tried to fly it the next time. I forgot to rebalance it. I started it and took off. It was very very tail heavy. That was evident when it took off and the nose went straight up. I attempted to gain some airspeed to level it out. It got over some trees and did a big loop and crashed into the top of a tree. It cut the wing completely in half. In an effort to be a big boy, I didn't get upset, I just picked up the pieces and went home. I knew it was my fault.

The following weekend, in an attempt to not get the jitters and "get back on the horse" I pulled out my blue and white cub. I flew it 3 times that morning with no issues except for having to cut the engine to land because it was going so fast that I couldn't slow it down. The a friend called and wanted to go flying. He came up and we went to my field. His plane lost power due to a stuck klunk and went into the trees. No damage except for a broken prop. I took off, made a right turn about 50 feet off of the ground. The wind got under my wing and flipped my cub inverted. Not to panic, I flew it that way for a few seconds. I decided to flip it back over, when I did, it flipped completely over and back inverted. I lost control and sent it into the ground like a lawn dart. It hit so hard that ti buried the spinner in the ground. I had to pull it out of the ground like a turnip.

I have lost my nerve to fly, I need someone to put me back on a buddy box and get my nerves back. I have a beautiful new Hangar 9 Alpha 60 that is just begging to be flown. I had an offer from some guys at a local field to help me get over it, but I have been out there 3 times and there is never anyone there. I hope that I can get some help and get over my jitters. I now have 9 planes and I am scared to death to fly any of them.

Wish me luck!
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