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Originally Posted by jim2wright View Post
I've been building many of the scratch foamies on this forum and have had a blast learning how to build and fly them. Any pages here with scratch build composites plans? I looked around first and didn't see any. Thanks in advance.

With composites you can:
1) Cover something you already got (to make it better in some way)
2) Make a mold of something, then make copies.
3) Make furry, sticky, stinky blobs of goo.

Most people here are focused in/on/around #2. In other forums you'll find a lot of the glider/sailplane dudes use composites to compliment foam (add strength/reduce weight).

In short, you can make anything that you can dream of. However, most of the time/energy/money is spent in the Dream -> Reality part. Start from scratch if you like and invent something (it's a LOOOOOOONG road), or find plans for a plane you like.

Build a model from whatever you want without much regard to weight (It's nice if it doesn't fall apart easily). However, be laser-focused on getting an extremely smooth, glossy surface without wrinkles, bumps, dips, creases, etc.

Once you get to that step, come back here and you'll find lots of advice and reading material on producing a mold, and then pulling light-weight, strong parts from it.

Oh, and I'll share what was shared with me: Plan on it taking 10x longer and costing 100x more than you think it will
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