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Dan, you won't find much help on this thread unfortunately. This one is all about server power supplies which are quite different. What you are wanting info on is PC power supplies.

There is lots of stuff on the forums and elsewhere on converting these. Do a Google search for

"converting an ATX PC power supply"

and pages of good stuff will turn up.

Here's the first two I found.

Hope this helps.


Originally Posted by JettaManDan View Post
tons of awesome info! I have some questions if people have some time...TIA!!

i have 2 PS's i'm going to convert and mess with...

1st is a 200watt Dell PC power supply out of a mini tower....i tried this has no power switch....when i ran the PS for the 1st time..i was just looking for 12v power...ran the black Wires together to one pole..and the yellows to another....i then hooked the green to a ground..and ran a small LED from a red to a black wire...i plugged in the PS and the LED lit up..but as soon as i tried to put any power to the charger it shut the PS off...

question i need to add a power swtich to it? or can it run without it? if i need one where does it hook up to?

#2...and instead of the LED's i have 10 ohm 10 watt i need to run one from a red to a black correct? and will this add the load for it to work right?

PS # 2 - I also just bought a 480 watt ATX has a power swtich on all i need to do is run a resistor from a red to a black and then group the yellows to a pole and the black wires to a pole and i'm done? do i still need ot run the green to a black ground as well? I've seen people run a 2 position switch with led' green and one red..curious as to why and what function the swtich has in addition to a power swtich?

thanks guys..i know the questions have probably been covered..but can't seem to find these specific answers in this huge thread

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