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Originally Posted by Drifter99 View Post
I wish that were true for my last T-28. I took it up, and it was flying great... I was about 200 yards out or so, and I lost ALL control of it. It wouldn't take any inputs, and it feel from about 150 feet up straight into the ground. I have another on the way, but I just don't know if I can trust flying it with the Spektrum TX/RX. I would hate to see it happen again. I've read quite a few horror stories about the Spektrum system. I've read that even after range checks, the receiver can drop the bind and the plane comes down. Any one here have that experience?
I would tend to suspect something else more likely than tx/rx failure. What did the motor do when you lost control? Stop? Keep going the same speed? Did you have control over the throttle but nothing else? Had you made any modifications to the airplane, and if so what were they? How was the antenna on your tx oriented?

I just bought one of these little gizmos:
You plug it in the data port on the receiver after a flight before unplugging the flight battery. It reads out the number of antenna fades, frame losses, and holds you got during the flight. At my club field yesterday with 3 other guys in the air at the same time, both of my T-28 flights had only a single frame loss. Both flights I flew out to the point where maintaining orientation was a potential problem. I was also doing rolls, loops, and other stuff that put the airplane at a wide variety of orientations relative to the transmitter. My other flights were with my extra 300, most frame losses with that was 7 - still a very small number, and nowhere near a problem. So I'm very confident that I have no radio problems. If you're concerned and/or are a sucker for gadgets like me, one of these things may give you a better feeling about range.
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