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Wireless trainer link - glitches and calibrations clarified


Attached is some evidence for a runt pulse from the VD5M that doesn't show up in wired "pupil mode" PPM transmissions from the A9. The scope was triggering on falling edges, and the closed box with 3V amplitude could only occur with a glitch. It was very intermittent (just like the mSR & phoenix cyclic issue) and only seemed to occur when I was stick banging. Possible logic race on interrupt handling? Perhaps only occurring if RF frames are lost?

The other two attachments show clean frames with 506us pulses from the VD5M and 405us pulses from the A9. It seems like the "calibration mismatch" is likely a result of phoenix measuring servo inputs as the difference between the period and the pulse.

Seems to all make sense to me now.

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