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Fantastic video! You know in the years that I started flying helis (1997), I have never seen a boom strike while doing 3D. Only when someone had run out of fuel (with a bad AR) or the engine flamed out. We were only running at maximum 2250 R.P.M. head speed on 30-90 size helicopters with 4 foot-6 foot rotor spans.

Your video impressed me, even though the rotor speed is higher on what we are running in rotor span size (more centrifugal force holds the blades straighter), it seems that the real big heli electrics companies are not being careful about maximum flex in the blade with their super rapid control stick actuation's, and the dimensions on their boom mounts.

I had a real helicopter pilot down at my RC Club ask me what speed we ran on the rotor, he was really astounded! he said real helicopter only run around 900 for a head speed. Now I know why they get so main boom strikes when they have to do a AR.

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Yes, your correct. Same rotor head. But I'm not sure which FS from walkera is the newer version. Being that i don't know how long my parts sat around at the vendor before i bought them. But the stepped end FS seems stronger and has taken at least 2 crashes without any bend. The "non stepped" FS seemed to bend easier. I don't know if there is a metal composition difference or if the steps on the ends actually increase center durability by shortening the length of the main section. Physical properties of metal are strengthened when the length is shorter. As for a replacement, i personally use the Align 450 pro spindle shafts. They are stepped on the ends, but my previous one went though at least 6 crashes and is still straight.

Yes, i use a paperclip for a sheer pin. They work okay copper wire is probably better. I was thinking about getting some 1mm aluminum stock or wire. I belive the stock pin is 1mm so the conversion to AWG should be about 19 AWG, right? what size is your wire? Or are you just stripping and using a random piece of solid conductor you found? Anyway, the problem i was having was the sheer pin not bending or anything and the center hub of the main gear would explode! because it is drilled out to fit the bigger D02S shaft.

As some of you may know... My poor experience with the v450 has left me pulling my hair out and searching for a heli with design characteristics that i am happy with. I know the Goblin has been well designed and has been the main heli I've been looking at for a bigger size for a long time now. If anything just for the cool body design and solid tail boom. But it seems that there has been an issue with the heli that is quite nasty if you don't set it up properly. Take a look at this video explaining the problem, then the following video with the setup problem in action... Its quite disturbing to me, being i don't fly a 700. But if this happened right in front of my face i would be scared to fly the damn thing!!

It appears no matter how much or how "quality" a heli is. These kinds of things can always happen and seems to be much more prone to the bigger helicopters.
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