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Originally Posted by Heli Biggie View Post

I moved the top travel adjustment to 80 instead of 100! Then had to change it to 92 , flippin good now , i can tell sim is helping after 3 days.
What is that thing on your TX? A fumble guard so you don't accidentally hit your power switch?

Nice flying man! Your skies are looking as bleak as mine! Damn weather sucks! But it's better than the 110(f) weather were getting lately. August is the worst! I'm glad your having such luck! It looks like you about hit that tree once there but you were probably miles away. Perspective can be fun sometimes

Here is a little recipe for you all not to follow! Before throwing away most of last month's and this months garbage i picked out the relevant parts to illustrate just how lucky I've been with this helicopter. You can clearly see the 120 and 200 size main gears and how many of those i've gone though. Most of the 120 gears are for the D05 which are tiny teeth that strip easily. So in contrast to the v450, i have to say... a picture says a thousand words. Keep in mind all the v450 crashes were failures, while all the other helicopter's crashes were "oops" moments for the most part.

Since i straighten all my main shafts myself and often repair the landing skids too, depending on damage. It seems VERY lucky to me that this is really all the main parts i've had to replace.. Oh yeah, 2 tail booms and 1 rotor head too. But otherwise, i never had to change the align FS. Interesting side note, the FS in the new WK rotor head was shaped just like the align FS, previous ones were not a different diameter on the tips, like the Align FS. They were the same size all the way down the FS, but not the new one. It had no Align branding on it either.

So, MAYBE!! i have my issues sorted? Or maybe the heli just felt like flying good today! I flew another 5 packs today with no issues or failures. The pitch control felt good but the head speed still feels like it's slow. I'll be getting a digital tachometer soon, but it's been a real issue finding one that works on a 5 blade rotor. I think i found one that uses a laser that will work on any rotational part.

So here is the 4th and last video i shot of the v450 today. I actually flew 5 packs but because of the rain i kept having to dodge. I think i forgot to record one or something.
V450D01 - 08-19-12 - Flight #4 - V450 Finally reliable?? (6 min 2 sec)
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