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I decided my D2500 had had enough time to think about what's it's done and I glued it back together. I'm finally figured out both how to fly, and more importantly, how to land this plane The secret is a wide open field Trying to land on the road just doesn't work for me, it's to narrow and I can't always land into the wind. The recently mowed Alfalfa field behind my house makes a great flying field. I've also learned that I need to use the rudder more. Aileron turns seem to cause a lot of side sliding, and as happened to me before, can lead to a spiraling dive if done without enough speed. I tried both crow and standard flaps, I actually like just the flaps better for landing. The crow works fine if I can come in straight, but if I have to do much turning it'll stall into the previously mentioned spiral. I had my trusty #11 keychain cam on the tail, although I forgot to turn it on for my longest flight. All in all, I successfully landed 5 flights today

Also, two VERY important things to watch out for: Put some heatshrink or fuel tubing over the clevises. One of my minor crashes was because an aileron link popped off, and the remaining aileron wasn't enough to level the plane. Also, while assembling the plane this time, one of the aileron servo plug pins worked loose from the socket, it would have stopped contacting in flight if I hadn't noticed it.
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