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but I like THESE camera's and these camera's have OTHER advantages.

insanely small inconspicuous size and shape no screen and CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP I can't AFFORD to put 4 or 5 good dedicated dvr's in my car. (about $120-$140 a pop minumum for anything that does not suck) closer to $200 for really decent reliable units. (if you want HD)

I CAN afford to put 4 or 5 of THESE in my car not to speak of having enough SPACE for that many (with these its easy) ESPECIALLY now that they have a model with the 120' lens (D Lens)

as to why? well #1 reason is I am a gadget geek and love pictures/video

#2 is protects me. if someone does something stupid I can defend myself with evidence. I have already had 2 "red light" tickets thrown out (both cases it was green the entire time not even yellow this was before they were required to have the LIGHT in the photo with your car)

and I have had several cops "reprimanded" by judges when they stopped me for NO REASON except their "hunch" and used the no seat belt or went over the line BS excuse.

but thats actually pretty minor. I drive 40,000 miles a year minimum you would be amazed what you "see" on the road sometimes and I can capture it with this since its "already running"

caught video of a guy running from the police he hit one of those concrete angled dividers and went airborne to about 7 feet (does that count as AV :-) hehehe it was before I got the HD unit but it was still neat to capture.

Its just fun and these cams would greatly increase that fun but there is 2 features you REALLY must have to make them useful.

#1 loop recording ie record in chunks (AVI so no gaps) and then eat your own tail looping over to record constantly.

#2 auto start stop. key on (power applied) start and begin recording key off power off camera stops recording.

at the MINIMUM you need power applied auto start. its ok if it "runs" after key off and kills the battery as long as key on again does not make it angry if its already running :-)

once you have those 2 features its "transparent" you never EVER have to touch it. EVER. it just "runs" and when something "interesting" happens you yank the sd card and download that clip.
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