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Originally Posted by NotFastEnuf View Post
Well I brought it back to life after 20 years. I had kept the old US Aircore cub around just to say I still had my first plane as a display model hanging in the garage. It has been in sheds, attics, even had a birds nest in the fuse at some point. I never got a successful flight on this bird as a kid and tried repeatedly for years always crashing within seconds of takeoff. I have since found great success with many scratch builds and everything from foamies to a 24 lb 84" electrified giant stinger.

This weekend I bought a coroplast garage sale sign and some contact cement and went to town on the old cub!!! Slammed a bp hobbies 3520 brushless on it with a 5 cell 4400 pack. What a brick. Stall speed was like 40 mph .... BUT IT FLEW!!!! FIRST SUCCESSFUL FLIGHT EVER ON THIS PLANE!!! What a feeling after 20 years to actually have it in the air. Logged 4 flights Sunday and despite weighing probably around 8 lbs and being twisted like a cork screw it flew very well. What a blast... I knew I kept it all these years for a good reason.
Suggest a smaller battery. 5cell 4400mAh must weigh a lot. I fly with 3cell 1800s and they go like stink
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