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Originally Posted by buddertoast View Post
I'm in the understanding that the higher the volts the cooler all should run???? If I go to 12 cells a 560kv motor should run cool and smooth with a 120amp esc, no? Im going to use the stock align main gear. I'm looking for 10 min flights so i can hover around the block from the roof of my house. Lol.

Jan, how long did it take to get ur apache fuse from smart models? I'm in the states, so I'm sure it is different then your time, just curious.

Horseman, is your apache from smart models as well?
That would depend on what head speed you are looking for... as you lower the head speed, if the motor is too high of kv, that would mean that you would have to lower your pinion to achieve the head speed desired and esc throttle curve and your motor efficiency, this creates heat... the motor should run at the desired head speed and efficiency of 90 % or better... as it goes below that efficiency it start creating heat on the motor and esc. That's what's causing all these fires on the ESC's, if you don't monitor the heat it will eventually catch on fire. In my case the motor kv was too high (560kv) for the head speed I was looking (1400's), so it was creating excessive heat for the ESC and motor causing it to overheat. Going to the lower kv (500kv) took care of the heat issues on the motor and ESC now it runs at 90% or higher efficiency and a temp of about 25 35 degrees above ambient temp, which is what you want for long term flights... 14-20 minutes easy...

You will need to monitor the ESC heat range as it should not be any higher than about 30 degrees higher than the ambient....

The reason I grought this up is because I had to learn the hard way and the hard way gets very expensive
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