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Originally Posted by flyhigh300 View Post

Vtail vs Y4( being the best ) maybe due to the size.. motors ect..
I'd try a Y4 mode (and did on the Naze) but with CC the V-Tail is a custom mix, there is no stock Y4. But the guy who developed the mix did so with one of the bigger Hunters so I'm pretty sure she should at least fly, even if not perfectly.

given on this little one that Vtail and Y4 have such a difference for me..

Maybe there s something that is not translating right to the other Flight Controllers ?
I did a "clear all settings" on the CC board and re-set it all up again. She flew! Sort of... For about a minute... See Video below...

MVI 0496 (0 min 36 sec)

This is with 3 blade front props and 2 blade rear. My wife acted as cameraman. That's her you hear saying "Is it supposed to do that?" near the end.

I've about exhausted my ability to futz with it at this point. I've considered going to a 6" prop on the front, but I can't find any in a CW/CCW pairing. Past that, this one has already exceeded my budget for it. Trying different motors, etc is pretty much out of the question for now. Unless this video, which I've posted here and on the OP forum, triggers a "Eureka!" moment in someone, this little one is going to be mothballed for the foreseeable future.

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