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Originally Posted by ApexAero View Post
Doesn't matter now anyway. the cam is a POS dead frickin brick. I can get it to turn on and off, I can hold the button till it flashes and as soon as I press the button to snap a shot it turns off. After turning it on I have to reset to get it to turn on again, I hit the record button, it blinks three times and turns off. The internal charger is toast as I did remove and charge it at 2a(160ma batt) on a friends adapter to 4.2v and still it don't do nuttin but sit there aggravating me....
Whats better these days the 16 or 18? I see the 18 has some bastardized plug. why not a mini usb like everyone else?
The #16 mini USB plug is WAY better and standard. IMO.

I expect your #11 is toast because of the non-standard and finicky 8-pin plug. That can happen to any camera if you get the connections wrong. That's why a standard 5-pin USB plug is so much better - it's standard!

My personal choice is the #16 because it's so flexible. I would by lying if I would recommend the #18, but the choice is yours. Both take excellent video, but the #16 exceeds in it's flexibility - and the 5-pin USB plug.

If you are not 100% sure of what you are doing, I also suggest you only use the internal battery supplied with the camera - or a replacement from the #16 seller.
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