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Originally Posted by e_lm_70 View Post
Back to the HK PNP ... it is on a different league ... it has brushless motor, and I'm using a KK2.0 board ... but for indoor I prefer the sh 6043, as well, the sh is much more relaxing ... no stress in case of crash

The PNP microQuad is quite durable, but propeller can get broken easy in a minor crash

I may make the HK microQuad flyable from my phone ... I know how, and I believe I have the HW and SW skills and all needed equipment


Ps: cb100 ???
Cool, I have a KK2 board in my X250 as well! The PNP is a neat lil Quad, probably a little smaller/lighter than my X250 hmmm.... lol
I also easily broke the stock 3 bladed props and just switched to larger 2 bladed props that are more durable.... but threw my P gains to heck! I'm still tuning her... but I posted a couple of flight vids of her anyways in the "did you fly today" thread.

My bad... I thought I remembered watching a heli video that featured that stand of trees.

I practiced flying turning circuits with my Ladybird 1.0 to give me experience for flying my X250. She's still on original motors but the frame and front booms are CA'd and hotglued in roughly X-shape....

Ladybird doing turns (6 min 21 sec)
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