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Rock and Roll....!!!!

Maiden is done!! Ten packs on the ExtraVaganza!! Great Flying Plane, just needed a couple clicks of Aileron, probably because I have my battery off to the side, will adjust for lateral balance before I go out in the morning, every thing else was right on. Fiddled around a little with the CG, found a pretty good spot, will measure and post a little later, might try and move it back a little more tomorrow.

This is not a floatie plane. I believe that Ido's intent was for something that flies more like balsa... Bingo!! Flies really nice when you stay in and work the throttle a little more than the lower wing loaded planes.

Harriers are awesome, a little bit of wing rock, at lower throttle, but it you work it you can make them nice and smooth. Right side up and Inverted, very nice! At one point I was in the middle of a 15 or 20 ft inverted tail drag and gave it up thinking that I was not going to be able to push though it, but just as I decided to give it up I realized I could probably have pulled it off, I think there is video footage of that!! Got grass stains on the top of the nose... went in several times while trying to get lower and lower while inverted, no damage at all, held up beautifully. Gotta love EPP and the sturdy Telink construction!

Hovers very nice, right now I have a neutral thrust line, may experiment a little with this in the morning as well to see if I can get it to lock while hovering.

Knife Edge was not a problem a tiny bit of coupling but very manageable.

Rollers were easy, not difficult at all to keep the nose up. Excellent Roll Rate.

First couple packs were with the recommended 11x5.5e prop, after about 4 packs with that prop, I also tried a 11x4.7sf prop, which also worked well. I will try other props with time.

I will cut and paste this post into the first page for future reference.

more tomorrow
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