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The voltage for the power supply can be tricky, when you don't have the spec's on the stepper. Normally the maximum voltage is based on the wire insulation, that is the do not ever go past voltage. Then there is the lower operating voltage. If you had the inductance rating, a formula could be used to calculate the voltage for the power supply. Without that number, a general figure could be used. I go with10 to 20 times the operating voltage. The higher voltage equals more speed, but also more heat. So if its getting to hot, you'll need to lower the voltage. The only info I could find was 3.6 volts. This was from a stores web page, so not known if reliable. So now you would look at what power supply voltages are practical. The voltage has to be within the rating of the motor driver circuit for the stepper. And a readily available voltage. Looks like a 48 volt power supply might work ,if you get a motor driver rated that high. I wouldn't go higher, and might go lower since the steppers data is not well known. The current rating of the power supply needed is about 2/3 the rated current of the stepper, times the number of steppers, plus what ever else its going to power, plus a safety margin.
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