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Hi there guys. John here, manager of REVOLECTRIX Singapore.
Not sure you all know but FMA and LEO Industries (my company) joined forces a few year ago to expand the range and coverage of products across the world. Since we started, al is going well and we have managed to get to 250+ global retail outlets and an online store too. In 202 our volumes have almost doubled to previous years and this in only the electronics portion.
My background is from Australia and I moved to Singapore in 1996 with the university. My thesis was EV LiPO batteries in 1996 and we co-developed high rate LiPO with JJ Hong in Korea (mind you it was only 6C back then hehehee).
Ever since LEO has been in the LiPO game for RC, Military, Electronics and EV (google LEO Energy or LEO Industries). LEO now has full electronics manufacturing facilities.
With FMA and LEO together we're able to bring the best of design and manufacturing in a strategic gobal location; Singapore. We see 2012 onwards as a year for growth.
On the battery side, my 15 of years as a LiPO battery designer has brought us to the RC LiPO game with a good technololgy developed on the back of some larger industrial projects. We don't manufacturer cells. (too messy). We just leverage off other factories in China that we know well and trust to bring to you all fair value for money batteries that perform without all the hype
2011&12 have been good to us on the charger side of things with great global growth. 2012 have seen our new range of batteries making good headway in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and my home country Austrlia. Possible because our price is competative to HKing and shipping costs are cheap to those countries. We plan before the end of 2012 to have the same facilities in USA for LiPO for the American market.

The was I see it is LiPO is an energy comodity. Prices have dropped dramatically over the years and number of factories increased but number of HKong brands have grown 100 fold. So I say to most customers of ours....I never say we're better than anyone else. Have a go. Play with our packs and if anything wrong its $ back. Repeat customers and guys I visit out in the field shows us that they like our technology.

Now marketing; We can go out and spend $100,000 a year on sponsored pilots; adds, webadds, mag adds etc etc etc to tell you all we're the best and increase the price of the packs and thus we'll be more expensive than HK.
So we're in the mindset that we'll keep prices low on the comodity and let true performence and customer feedback take its roll. Thus far we're happy with the growth of our LiPO and looking forward to the USA market later in the year.

As for our methods.
In the Singapore location we try to pack them on the day the order comes in (or as close as possible). Most times we have cell stock and can get them out the door in a day.....with private labels. (good feedback we'll only put the surname on the packs from now). Thus we don't trade packs from China. We select the cells, match em and pack em. Just that little bit more effort but its worth it. Thus we have been able to talk calls from RC players for custom packs and also deliver within a few days. We enjoy that interaction.
If you have any pack requests feel free to ask and we'll add them on our site.

Balance leads: Yah JST Singapore won't use Si Wire thus we only get the high temp PVC wires same as only our balance adaptors. Copy JST connectors in China don;t care what wire they put on but we can't use those here. All out connectors and plugs are authentic.

Stock; Yah sometimes 4S packs shows out of stock whilst 2S packs are in stock. Basically down to out system as we have to allocate stock on 2S - 6S based on the number of cells we have. We do try to update as frequently as possible.

The market: Must like Forest Gump said is like a box of chocolates, you don;t know what you going to get. Same with LiPO. With all the labels, brands, hype you don;t know till you try. Websites can tell you anthing but you'll only know whats good till you try.....but can you re-fund if you don;t like them. Probably not. At REVOLECTRIX you can. We stand by our products, image and customer service.

Hope this tread continues and any questions you make have on the technology, battery industry, LEO, REVOLECTRIX please feel free to ask.
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